Companies That Recycle Scrap Electric Motors

What to Consider When Recycling Scrap Electric Motors

Electric motors are used in manufacturing, which causes a lot of scrap. Right when electric motors reach end-of-life status, the following stage is to explore companies that recycle scrap electric motors.

There are a couple of things to consider when researching companies that recycle scrap electric motors. Here’s a checklist to help:

  1. Recycling certification
  2. Recycling method
  3. Scrap Prices

Almost anything that requires electricity and has moving parts will have a motor inside. They are collected for scrap metal recycling because of their heavyweight and abundance of copper wire.

Uses of electric motors includes pool siphons, cooling units, and huge business pressure driven presses.

Electric Motor Scrap in a YardWhat are the Best Companies That Recycle Scrap Electric Motors?

Most motors are comprised of noteworthy copper and aluminum components. Which increases the value of the material to companies that recycle scrap electric motors. Indeed, an electric motor is typically worth $0.15 per lb. in scrap (costs change depending on market demands).

We process more than 1,000 tons of scrap electric motors each month.

The team buys heaps of scrap electric motors in mixed or straight loads in combination with some extraordinary nonferrous metals or eScrap. Furthermore, the facility has five buildings on more than 40 acres.

Moreover, the exterior of most motors comprises of steel with a strong shell that protects the more sensitive wiring and parts within. Electric motors contain the following enormous and recyclable metals:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Iron
  • The steel case around the motor

The winding inside of an electric motor may be copper or aluminum. A basic technique to distinguish whether the windings are copper, or aluminum is to scratch the winding. If it shows up copper in color after the coating has been scratched off, the material will be copper; if it appears, clearly, to be silver, by then the winding is likely aluminum.

About Us

The company processes millions of pounds of motors each year. Therefore, recyclers categorize motors into three main sizes:

  1. Small motors usually fit about the size of a basketball and not much larger than an apple.
  2. As a result, recyclers classify motors larger than a basketball, but less than 2,000 pounds as large motors.
  3. Motors weighing more than 2,000 pounds over-sized motors. These motors vary in demand due to their size and nonferrous metallic content.

The course toward recycling electric motors is straightforward and efficient with us. When in doubt, we have been a member of the ISRI since 1996.

ISRI is the voice of the recycling industry promoting safe, sustainable, and responsible recycling. They do this through networking, advocacy, and education.


For what it’s worth, electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. There are small, tremendous, and huge motors that can be found in items, for instance, pool siphons, cooling units, and enormous business water-controlled presses. Furthermore, electric motor recycling reuses fundamental materials and reduces solid waste. As well as, it reduces all around contamination. We are one of the companies that recycle scrap electric motors. The company accepts scrap electric motors to recycle them safely. To learn more, click here.

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